Born in Sedilo in 1975, the Formaggi Pes organic farm has a modern dairy in Bonaera, an enchanting and silent valley nestled between austere mountains and green hills rich in flora, fauna and waterways in the heart of Sardinia. In the one hundred and eighty hectares of fertile land on which the Company overlooks, over one thousand sheep graze, fed on organic food produced without the use of GMOs (GMO-Free) of which 90% is made up of natural pasture.

The milk produced is handcrafted according to the ancient rules dictated by the best Sardinian dairy tradition, in order to obtain organic and traditional cheeses of the highest quality.

Our values


We create new products by focusing on innovation but with a fixed gaze on tradition.


The passion for our work is what motivates us to give the best of ourselves.


We respect nature because it is our home.