Formaggio pecorino da tavola fresco prodotto esclusivamente con latte biologico di pecora pastorizzato, coagulato con caglio di vitello e salato in umido


PRODUCT NAME Lochele pepato
CHARACTERISTICS Semi-cooked table cheese  obtained from whole organic  sheep’s milk, pasteurized.
CURDLING Veal rennet is added at the starter culture to allow coagulation, at the temperature of 37 °C.
SALTING By immersion for about 24 hours
MATURATION At least 240 days at the temperature of 14 °C
SIZE Form           cylindrical with straight sides  and flat plate

Size             flat side about 16 cm, height about 12 cm

Weight         from 2 to 2.2 Kg

EXTERIOR Smooth, straw yellow rind that becomes darker with maturation, visible black peppercorns.
TEXTURE Compact paste with irregular, small eyes. From white to straw yellow depending on the length of maturation.
TASTE Strong flavor, spicy and aromatic.
PACKAGING The products are washed and brushed before the sale. Individually vacuumed , in boxes of 10 pieces.
TARGET For any specific category of consumers